Why get eyelash extensions?

How much time do you spend on your makeup in the morning? 

How many layers of mascara do you put on until you reach your perfect look? 

Are you putting stip-lashes (false eyelashes) on daily or only for special occasions? 

How much time on average are you spending daily perfecting your lashes? 

These are the questions we ask guests when they ask about eyelash extensions.So depending on the look you want to achieve, we can help you determine what type of lash service is best for you.  It may seem like a lot, but this can save you in the long run – time wise – especially if you are getting kids out the door. If you are putting on strip lashes every day  – the cost is about the same if you are buying quality strip lashes. It will surely save you time getting ready in the morning. So… do you want to fuss with messy glue? Are you tired of having glue on your eyelids every day? Sick of touching them up during the day – or having to keep glue in your purse.  We won’t even go into god forbid you leave the glue at home.

Which eyelash extension set is right for you? Classic vs Russian Volume vs Mega Volume

  • Classic: This style is perfect if you’re looking for a natural lash, “I’m only wearing mascara” vibe. One lash per natural lash for length and thickness.
  • Russian: Russian Volume is an advanced technique of lashing, that creates a much fuller look than the classic technique, while still looking “natural”. 
  • Mega: Mega volumes are perfect for our babes that LOVE a dramatic look! Customizable for a fluttery full traditional style or The Strip lash look! These lash techniques are the newest to hit our industry. Now you can have that wispy/spiked effect giving that more dramatic and edgy look or a full doll or cat eye effect created with a perfect top line!

For all lash services we recommend a two week fill, we have noticed the volume sets can get more longevity as the handmade fans stretch across covering gaps where shedding may occur.

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