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the new moon beauty studio team

At New Moon Beauty Studio you will find a team that is passionate about their art, as a team we value education, and growing our skills. We bring a true joy to each service, and put every guest first. The studio space is relaxing, and we keep things down to earth ensuring a sense of safety where our guests can feel comfortable discussing their ideas and dreams. This enhances the experience and connection with our guests many of whom have come to rely on this incredible connection. We are privileged to count so many of our guests as friends - and this enduring relationship creates thriving in our community.

meet danielle and the team

Danielle grew up around salons, both of her parents spent their entire career in the business, and she began attending shows in the fourth grade. By high school she knew she would be going into the “family business” too. This dream of a salon came to life in New Moon Beauty Studio.

“I love every aspect of this business, but hair extensions stand out for me. Each day is an amazing journey, I take great pride in getting to know my guests and educating them on the newest techniques. The studio, this business is something I thrive on.”


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studio owner


Meet our newest & talented stylist Grace! She has a inspiring eagerness to learn new things in this industry and we see greatness in her future. Having graduated from the Orlo School in July of 2023, Grace brings a fresh perspective and a wealth of knowledge to our studio. Beyond the salon chair, Grace finds inspiration in the tranquil beauty of the beach and the excitement of traveling to new destinations. These experiences infuse creativity into every style, ensuring that each client leaves feeling radiant and confident. Specializing in blondes and tape in extensions, she has honed in her craft to perfection. Whether it's achieving the perfect shade of blonde or adding length and volume with extensions, Grace delivers flawless results tailored to each client's unique vision.

Buissness Manager

Jennie is the first face you see when you come to the studio and the last when you leave. Her favorite part of the job is connecting with guests from all over. She is hands on organizing the “steps to success process” that allows our brides to feel confident, and ensures the New Moon team is fully prepared and covers every little detail for the beauty portion of the bride’s day. This is where Jennie shines - by being the coordinating wizard that she is, she is available on a daily basis to answer questions, and generally keep everything on track. When she has down time she also is at the helm managing our social media - an element that is a special treat for guests who enjoy catching up on the many fun photos and reels.

Natalina joins the team with an extensive background in all areas of esthetics, from supporting guests looking to establish a quality skin care regime to medical esthetics and beyond. Natalina received her first training in Europe where she completed a 3 year physician supervised training receiving her European Esthetician license, before coming to the United States and completing an American Esthetician license from Atelier Esthetique Institute in New York City. Natalina holds 5 master level certifications, in makeup, general and bridal, commercial and TV makeup, reconstructive and theatrical. She is licensed to provide Microblading and permanent makeup from the Parascalpmicro Institute in New York City. Esthetics is a passion with Natalina and that means ongoing training something she sees as vital to both herself and the guests she serves.

Lara grew up in nearby Ravena, getting her training in the capital region. She has been doing hair for 5 years and likes styling, like the rest of the team, she thrives on the everyday work of coloring, cuts, and blow-outs. However, weddings, big color changes, Brazilian Blow-outs or dream catcher hair extensions are exciting too. New to the team she is looking forward to growing at New Moon as everything is always changing both in the industry and the studio. 




Since joining New Moon Beauty Studio Chelsea has provided guests with a full array of hair services. In recent years she has begun focusing on blonding services, her niche is finding just the perfect shade of blonde. She has been providing eyelash extensions, concentrating on Russian and Mega Volume styling. Chelsea is a certified makeup artist that loves assisting guests who will be attending big events. More than anything she loves to make people feel better about themselves by creating customized services to enhance their natural features.

A stylist for over 14 years, Stephanie’s passion is cutting hair, especially short hair cuts for all. She also loves highlighting, Brazilian Blowouts, and color melts, a technique that gives guests some truly unique color effects. A seasoned pro she is a tremendous asset for bridal hair - the time when you a need a strong stylist the most!


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