Keratin Lash Infusion (KLI) and Lash Lift & Tint – Two Great Services

Want to improve on what Mother Nature gave you? Consider eyelash conditioning – a beautiful option for someone who isn’t into extensions. With either an infusion or lift and tint service you will look like you are wearing makeup – when you are not! It’s the no-makeup – makeup look.  Our services have something to offer any guest – and the results are beautiful – and great for your eyelashes.

Keratin Lash Infusion – This is not your ordinary lift. We infuse REAL KERATIN into each lash, strengthening and volumizing them. Instead of leaving lashes dehydrated and frizzy, they are left healthy and lifted. Over time you will see longer, stronger and healthier lashes. The KLI treat will still give you lift, but not as strong as a traditional lift and tint. This treatment increases natural lash diameter up to 40%.  You will see an immediate difference, and after three services you will notice a dramatic difference in your eyelash length and thickness.

Lash Lift & Tint – Our unique KeraPlex System for Lash/Brow is designed to give guests a superior outcome with less product, and this can be done in less with maximum long term results. In addition to providing a unique Keratin coating that strengthens, protects and seals this treatment penetrates the hair giving guests a true internal Lash/Brow Hydration treatment from the inside out.  The results – a little more lift, and shorter service time than KLI.

Each of these lash services target different objectives so we love to alternate the formulas every other lash service. This helps to maximize natural lash growth, increases fullness, and health all while keeping a more intense curl!

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