Why at Home Care is Important and Our Top 5 Take Home Products you’ll love!

Paying for professional color services and then using drugstore products to maintain your hair in between, is a waste of money. Investing in large size bottles of quality products can actually save you money.  Added to that the benefit of a professional product that will help heal your hair and you are really investing wisely in your overall hair care. Our liter sized shampoo and conditioner last most guests 6-9 months costing an average of $15-$20 per month.

Trauma treatment: A potent treatment which restores health to traumatized hair 

  • Extra deep healing formula
  • Provides utmost hair color protection
  • Contains abundant amino acids and Ceramide for improved color attachment
  • Versatile, lightweight formula can be used as a leave-in or rinse-out treatment

Clarifying Shampoo  – A clarifying shampoo will remove impurities and mineral deposits from water – water can contain lots of clay/sulfur/chlorine common in our local surrounding areas

The first healing shampoo that clarifies while preserving hair color:

  • Removes embedded minerals, metals & debris without stripping hair color
  • Eliminates “swimmer’s green” & “well water orange” hair
  • Sulfate-free & EDTA free
  • Uses natural Phytic Acid derived from organic rice to gently chelate the hair

Healing oil hair mask –  Recommended use once a week especially after a clarifying/no yellow shampoo. Contains Resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant to heal damaged hair and restore essential lipids

  • Replenishes moisture, restores elasticity & renews strength
  • Keratin protein reconstructs the inner layers to add body & bounce
  • Phyto IV Complex rehydrates so hair becomes soft & silky smooth
  • Deep intensive therapy formula contains anti-aging actives

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