Myths and misconceptions about Acne, are they true?

Myth – Acne occurs when you aren’t keeping your skin clean – false!

  • Stripping- Over-drying your skin with astringents and overuse of salicylic acid products can cause irritation that can lead to more breakouts. Your skin will begin to produce more oil, This is your skins natural reaction stay hydrated, and protect the barrier. 

Misconception – If you don’t get the “stuff” out of a blemish it will get worse – false!

  • Extracting/picking- at home popping and squeezing pimples or blackheads can actually make them worse or tear your skin. You can force bacteria and oil further down into you pores. Making the pimple more inflamed, irritated. You can potentially cause more acne from the spread go bacteria if your skin is not properly cleansed. As well as broken capillaries and acne scars from the tearing that occurs.

Myth – I’m too old to get acne – false!

  • Think only teenagers get acne? – Think again, adults can experience acne too! More commonly seen in females, these breakouts are frequently caused by hormone imbalances, polycystic ovary syndrome, high testosterone levels, and menopause. In adult men the most common cause is a shift in their hormones known as andropause. We have specially formulated products to help target both adult and teenager acne.

Could my acne be caused by something else? – absolutely!

  • You may be right if you feel your breakouts are caused by more than the care you give your face.  If you are doing everything right it may be time to look at different causes for problem skin. Sometimes challenging skin problems require a bit of detective work so enroll your esthetician too.  It is also important to enroll your primary care physician in your game plan – your diet may be the source of your skin woes.  Some foods are problematic along with high stress levels. Many people see radical changes to their complexion after giving up or cutting back on their dairy intake – consider keeping a food diary and discuss it with your skin care team.
Want to real steps towards better skin? Stop in for a skin mapping analysis at no charge, we will be able to prescribe the best products to treat and care for your skin.

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