When and How Often to Wash Your Hair

Should you wash your hair before your hair appointment? 

Lets talk prepping for your hair color appointment.  Most stylists have different opinions. Here at New Moon we prefer to work with clean hair on all services. 

Shocked? Let us explain why. Technology and ingredients in the beauty industry have come a long way since the 80’s. We use a certified organic color and haircare line called L’ANZA. It is the only hair color line that heals, seals, and protects your hair! The power behind this long lasting color is their wildcrafted ingredients. L’ANZA believes that if flowers don’t fade in the sun, then why should you hair color? The formulation is very gentle with very low amounts of ammonia and no harsh chemicals. This makes it difficult for the product to penetrate the hair if it is too oily or contains too much mineral and product build up. We recommend a double shampoo no more than 24 hours before any coloring service to achieve the best long lasting results.

If you are a guest seeking the whitest blonde possible then you will need to arrive to your appointment with the cleanest hair possible. It is much harder to lift hair when it is oily or has product build up. Another challenge is created by the local water systems in our area. At the studio we find ourselves constantly combatting high levels of chlorine, sulfur, mineral, and clay deposits. It is important to clarify your hair before an appointment to further ensure hair health and integrity. We recommend a double shampoo no more than 24-hours before any coloring service to achieve the best long lasting results. 

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