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hair extension maintenance

Recommended Products

- L’ANZA Strength, moisture, or Keratin Healing Oil Shampoo & Conditioner
- For Blondes (L’ANZA Clarifying)
- L’ANZA Keratin Healing Oil hair masque
- L’ANZA Neem Plant Serum
- L’ANZA Trauma Treatment
- Framar Brush 
- Satin/Silk Pillowcase
- Use Scrunchies or invisibobbles for hair ties

Recommended maintenance

- Brush hair thoroughly multiple times a day  (Minimally: Morning, Night, & after vigorous exercise)
- Apply L’ANZA Neem Plant Serum Morning & Night to keep extensions hydrated.
- Wear your hair in a braid or ponytail at night.
- When Swimming or exercising wear in tight Braid or Ponytail.

THINGS not to do

- Get your extensions wet in an ocean or pool. This can damage the extensions and cause Matting. (If you choose to go swimming please saturate your hair heavily with L’ANZA Trauma treatment, Keratin Healing Oil Mask, or Conditioner)
- NEVER SLEEP ON WET HAIR, or leave the base of your extensions wet for too long. This will cause scalp dryness & Irritation.
- Do not blow dry your hair on high heat
- If you choose to use purple shampoo please dilute it at a 50:50 ratio with one of our recommended shampoos.

lash appointments and aftercare

– Arrive with clean lashes and eye area
No makeup
- Avoid caffeine before appointments 
- No showering, getting lashes wet, or being in humid weather for 24 hours after appointment
- No use of oil products on the face while having eyelash extensions
- Fills must be scheduled every 2-3 weeks. After 3 weeks is a full set
- Do not sleep on lashes, use a lash sleep mask
- Brush and cleanse lashes with prescribed cleanser daily

sunless spray tan prep

How to prep and arrive for your sunless spray tan experience:
- Prep: 24 Hours or more prior to your appointment
- Please make sure if you are in need of a manicure or pedicure to do so prior to your spray tan appointment.
- Exfoliate your body with a sea salt or sugar scrub, Shave or Wax, apply rich body butter for deep skin hydration.

Day Of Arrival:
- Exfoliate your face and body with oil free and fragrance free skincare and soap. Have absolutely NO lotion, oils, makeup, deodorant, or perfume on your skin.
- Wear very loose black clothing and don't forget to bring a hair tie!

How to enhance the life of your spray tan results:
- Purchase recommended soap, body wash, and tan extenders. Remember you get 25% off at the time of your tan!

Booking and Cancellation Policy

Upon scheduling your appointment we require you to place a card on file.
 NO EXCEPTIONS. For your security, your credit card information is saved to your profile in our system. There is no way to access your card information as our point of sale program keeps all information secure. Anytime your card is used from our system you will receive an email notification. The last 4 digits of your card number are viewable only to confirm at the time of your checkout if you would like to charge your service to your card saved on file for your convenience. If you need to cancel your appointment please do so with as much notice as possible. Cancellations within 48 hours or less are subject to a 50% charge of what your scheduled service would have cost. Same day no call no shows are automatically 100% service fee. NO EXCEPTIONS. When you schedule an appointment with us, we reserve that time and make that time slot exclusively yours. A missed appointment means loss of availability for other clients, as well as loss of income from your professional performing the service. We do understand circumstances occasionally arise which are completely out of one’s control. Medical & family emergencies are our ONLY EXCEPTIONS. If you arrive 15 or more minutes late to your appointment we reserve the right to shorten your service or reschedule. Necessary rescheduling will result in a cancellation fee payment. If you cancel your appointment more than twice we reserve the right to refuse to book further appointments for you. "No showing” any appointment will remove you from the guest list permanently.

Child Safety Policy

Children are only permitted in the studio when having a service. For safety reasons and insurance purposes at New Moon beauty studio no child under the age of 12 may accompany you while you are having a service. We love children, however, we cannot assure their safety. We work in an environment that has sharp cutting tools, chemicals, hot tools, and many more dangerous implements. If something were to happen to your child, it would not only be devastating to you and your family, it would be equally as devastating to us. We also do not want to compromise the relaxation of our guests in the studio. Should your child accompany you to your appointment, we respectfully must reschedule your appointment. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.

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